Can Active Members and Retirees Make More Progress Together?


The Steelworker Organization of Active Retirees (SOAR) enables our retired members to be "UNION" again! Many of our pensioners and their spouses are coming back home to the USW family. As an extension of the union, SOAR shares the common goal of improving the lives of both active members and retirees. It is dedicated to helping you
make the USW more effective by supporting union policies.

Most SOAR members have devoted their lives to trade unionism, especially in building the USW. With phenomenal courage, against great odds, they were instrumental in giving birth to the union in the days when workplaces were literal hell-holes of exploitation. Cursed with pitifully low wages and disgraceful working conditions, they began organizing a union to put some sense and order in their lives. With enthusiasm, daring and sheer guts - and sometimes at great personal sacrifice - they established for themselves and those who followed, protection against the ravages of unemployment, sickness and old age. Now, in retirement, these pioneers and their spouses are continuing a fraternal alliance with active USW members.

Through SOAR, these veterans of union struggle stand with you in solidarity against the challenges we all face today. Please encourage their trade union activism! They'll return your support with the wisdom, strength and capacities that experience provides! They'll work with you to help fulfill the needs and goals of the union! They will help you leave a union legacy to future generations!

Brothers and Sisters, Local Unions 12775 & 13796 are providing you with a valuable parting token of appreciation with an introductory first-year membership in SOAR. As a member of our SOAR Chapter, you will receive a membership kit consisting of a SOAR membership card, lapel pin, informational booklets and the SOAR publication "SOAR in Action".

Congratulations on your retirement!

Our SOAR Chapter meets at the Plymouth Public Library at 1 pm Eastern time,
usually on the fourth Friday of the month.

Currently, the chapter president is Dorine Godinez, PH: 574-249-0250

Retirees can receive help with Medical Insurance or death benefit problems by calling Charlie Averill at 574-772-3332


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